Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dakhme, Tower of Silence

Maybe you have heard about Dakhme, Tower of Silence. Howerev, Dakhme is an important part of Zoroastrian burial ceremony to put the corpse in. They believe we never pollute the four main elemens of Water, Fire, Air and Earth. and burying the deceased body will pollute the Erath; therefore they put the dead in Dakhme to be eaten by birds and remains its skelton, then the family gather the dried bones in a box named Estodun or OstokhanDan (Ostokhan means Bone in Persian) and keep it as far as possible.
 Zoroastrians visit the Dakhme-Yazd

anything related to death is dreadful but for my either of Dakhme or Historical cemeteries are inspiring source for knowing about the way people and civilizations by which lived. Evenmore, they have no more such grandeur and mystic identity, maybe somewhere to hang around!

the famous Dakhme of Yazd in sunset, really missed it!