Saturday, August 08, 2009

The world's first Animation

Shahr-i Sokhteh (Burnt City) located near Zabol-Zahedan road on the bank of the Helmand River, in Sistan o Baluchistan Province had been erected 3200 B.C.
Not only this city had used to have the best Water Supply plan, but is famous as pioneer in many world FIRSTs! Brain surgery, Glass eye, ruler, Backgammon and last but not least the first Animation of the world:
While excavation in a 5000 years old tomb, Archelogist have found a bowl around which a goat and a tree were repeated, but not a monotonous repeat, it reveals the goat's movement toward tree's leaf in 5step. Imagine how creative was its artist!
a digital re-drawing of the world first Animation