Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dezful Bridge

Dezful Bridge, the world’s oldest bridge which survived almost 10,000 years is still safe to drive.
In 260 AD under the Sasanian king Shapur I, this bridge was constructed by the Roman captives. This ancient bridge has 14 spans to transfer the Dez River. It’s made from Lime and Stone mortar and been renewed by Deylamian, Safavid and Pahlavi dynasties but its columns reveal the Sasanian era.
Dezful Bridge or Sasani Bridge in Dezful city is stretched from east to west and connects Andimeshk, Sushtar & Dezful traffic.
Recently, a new bridge is building to safekeeping this masterpiece.

Start Off

my passion is travel so I've decided to become a Tour Leader to exprience it in profession level and sharing it with different people from different cultures.
Here I'll write about my land, Iran, to show her beauties which are dissolving in world political games.