Tuesday, April 20, 2010


just a few photos from memorable Armenia:

 The Old Hraparak, also known az Republic Square has been devised by Alexander Tamanian as the center of Yerevan in reconstruction

 City of Fountains!
They told me the number of Fountains is equal to the age of Yerevan!

 Sevan Lake which is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world

Descend !
Tsakhkadzor ski resort

Monday, April 12, 2010

Those Russian!

Noruz, the Iranian New Year Festival begins at Farvardin 1st (March 21st). it's a 4day holiday for officials and 13 days for the rest! and probably the best time for traveling.
This Noruz I had guided a Tour to Yerevan, Armenia's Capital.
There is long way from Iran's North Western border (Near Tabriz) to Yerevan with beautiful sceneries alongside of simple rural life. Below pictures are taken from a simply lively, warm and welcoming cafe in one of those U-turns of Armenia's mountains, managed by this hospitable lady. watch that old Russian heater.