Sunday, April 20, 2008

BaadGir (wind tower)

Downward south of Iran from Tehran the Kavir climate affect people life, e.g. their architecture which is adopted to the condition. BaadGir or wind tower is one of the particular innovations of Kavir architects who derived it to escape the unbearable Kavir heat. Most of the times, a BaadGir is constructed above an Ab-Anbar which is a big cellar water store to get a double result; cooling the drinking water which is rare in Kavir and refreshing the desert wind by water before entering the rooms in hot summer days.
Dolat-Abad Garden has one of the most famous BaadGirs in Yazd that is said as the tallest. Ab-Anbar shesh BaadGiri (or Ab-Anbar with 6 BaadGir) is another survived touristic site in Yazd.

Pic1: My Australian Friend, Andrew with his friends in DolatAbad Garden, Yazd

Pic2: Laft port in Qeshm with a dozen of white BaadGir