Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you inspired for traveling throughout Iran?

I've a website which consist of summary information about Iran and traveling to Iran with the below categorization:

1. Why Iran?
     a. Iran By the others
     b. Iran By the author
          I. History
          II. Language
          III. Literature
          IV. Religion
          V. Culture & Custom
          VI. Art
               Music, Dance & Theatre
               Painting (miniature) & Calligraphy
               Handicrafts [Carpet & Kilim - Sofal (Pottery) & Ceramic - 
               Kashi (Decorative Tiles) - Khaatam Kari (Inlaid works) - 
              Qalam Zani (Engraving) - Qalamkar (Calico)]
          VII. Cuisine
          VIII. Nature
               Climate & Landscape
               Attractions (Kavir or Desert - Mountain - Cave - 
              Jungle - lake - Lagoon – Beach)
          IX. Cities
               - Northern Provinces or the Caspian Coast 
               (Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan)
               - Eastern Provinces (Sistan, Khorasan)
               Southern Provinces (Kerman, Hormozgan, 
               Fars, Boushehr, Khuzestan)
               - Western Provinces (Lorestan, ilam, Kermanshah, 
               Hamedan, Kordestan, Zanjan, Azerbaijan-Qarbi, 
               Azerbaijan-Sharqi, Ardebil)
               - Central Provinces (Qazvin, Tehran, Semnan, Isfahan, 
               Yazd, Kohkiluye, Charmahal, Qom, Markazi)

2. Plans for your discovery (Itinerary)
     a. Activities in Iran
          Sight Seeing in cities & villages
          Nomad Visiting
          Hiking in nature (plain, Jungle, Kavir, Cave)
          Camel Riding, riding on horses
          Bird Watching
          Butterfly Watching
          Aviation Sports (paraglider)
          Snow Sports (Ski resorts)
     b. Proposed tours
          Cultural Tours
          Remedial Tours (Bee - Leech - Massage - 
          Mineral Waters - Sun – plains)
          Silk Road Tours
          Middle East Tours
          Central Asia Tours
     c. Tailor made Tours

3. Get Set
     a. Fiscal plan (Costs)
     b. Visa Process
          I. Booking your flight
          II. Applying for visa
          III. Customs & Duty
     c. Packing your luggage
          I. Necessities
          II. Clothes
               - Women
               - Men
     d. Welcome to Iran
          I. Get around
               - Among Cities
               - In Cities
          II. Exchanging Money
          III. Accommodation 

of course! it's under construction.